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Broiler farming as a business

Here are the main features of the project:

Broilers are called meat breed of chickens, bred artificially. The requirements for their care and maintenance are different from those for ordinary chickens.
Compared to other types of chickens, broilers provide very tasty and juicy meat, which is most appreciated by buyers and cooks.
Broilers quickly gain weight, so the fattening period of the bird is noticeably reduced. It takes only two months for the chicken to gain mass, and sometimes it happens even earlier – for 40-45 days. It is unprofitable to keep chicken further – besides, after two months, its meat will begin to lose its taste properties, become tough, and the bird itself will lose its presentation.
Broiler farming, like most agricultural businesses, is not well suited to cities. There should be no living quarters nearby. Usually chickens are bred in a barn or chicken coop on their site.
This business is worth starting small – buy a few chickens and try your hand. If everything went well, you can increase the batch of broilers.
Beginners are not recommended to start a business with the purchase of newborn chickens. These animals have a very high mortality, and in the first weeks of life they require especially careful supervision and care. Therefore, it is better to choose birds at least 2 weeks old. By this time, they will be a little stronger, the mortality rate will decrease, and it will be easier for you to care for the livestock.
The main requirements for the room are cleanliness, temperature maintenance and dryness. This is important so that the chicks do not get sick and do not die. Provide heating and do not forget to clean the room regularly.
Watch the diet and diet – it differs depending on the age of the bird. This will help avoid health problems.
Broiler farming business plan step by step
Consider a step-by-step plan for starting a broiler farming business. It includes market analysis, marketing channels, concept development, breed selection and feed purchase, house search and equipment, paperwork, chick purchase and staff recruitment.

Step by step business plan
Demand and competition analysis
Before you buy your first batch of chickens, analyze the market situation in your area. How many farms are engaged in broiler breeding and in what volumes, who are their buyers, at what prices it is realistic to sell products. It is necessary to think over the markets, pricing and possible risks in advance. As a rule, demand for broilers is high in any region – but you need to make sure that the competition is not too high, and there is a place in the market for a new farm.

Sales market analysis
If we are talking about a small livestock, chicken carcasses are easy to sell through friends, acquaintances and neighbors. But medium and large business involves the search for other ways of implementation.

Sales market analysis
Don’t limit yourself to one distribution channel. Consider at least several ways to sell products, preferably even at the time of starting a business.

Grocery stores. A small farm will not be able to arrange supplies to large chain stores, but if there is a chance to negotiate with small retail outlets or butchers.
Self-selling (for example, in a market or farm shop). Selling directly is always more profitable than selling through intermediaries, but it will require additional effort.
Selling on the Internet – through bulletin boards, your accounts on social networks. Without it, it is now almost impossible to do business. Get profiles on social networks, post ads on bulletin boards and in various groups and on city forums.
Cafes, restaurants and other catering outlets that need regular supplies of fresh meat.
Do not forget that in order to sell broiler chickens, you need to have all the necessary certificates confirming the quality of your products.

Decide on volumes and space

First of all, you need to decide on the number of chickens that you will raise. The size of the room, the amount of food you need to buy, and other nuances depend on this.

Broiler house
For growing chickens, you will not have enough one room – in addition to keeping the bird, you need a place to store inventory and feed, as well as a place for slaughter. You will need at least two utility rooms.

The place of keeping the bird should be at a distance from the living quarters and comply with sanitary standards.

For 70-80 chickens, a room with an area of ​​​​at least 10 square meters is required. meters and another 6-8 square meters. meters for utility rooms. The walls are limestone to prevent the growth of bacteria. On the floor – bedding (shavings, straw, sawdust).

Drinkers and feeders should be placed at such a distance that it is easy for you to fill and clean them.

A small business is usually formalized as an individual entrepreneur and a peasant farm (or a personal subsidiary plot, but only if you are breeding for personal needs). The form of taxation is the Unified Agricultural Tax, the tax rate is from 0 to 6%. You will need permission from the veterinary control, SES.

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