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The most in-demand professions

Demanded professions in 2019, what are they? We have compiled a rating of the most popular professions based on public analysis and analysis of the resources of the Russian Federation.

Each of you has repeatedly wondered: what profession should I choose? I wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor or a teacher. If you do not know which profession to choose, you can take a test in prof. orientation. Such tests can be found on the Internet and social networks. The profession should bring pleasure, finance and benefit. One desire to work in a particular profession is not enough, you need to study the labor market and analyze the country’s economy.

We have compiled for you a list of professions in demand in Russia today:

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1 IT specialist
2 Marketers, market analysts and advertisers.
3 Teacher, doctor, psychologist
4 Engineer
5 What highly paid professions are in demand in the future?
IT specialist
We include website developers, layout designers, programmers and other professionals associated with the IT industry. At the beginning of 2019, there is a high demand, both for the development and implementation of special programs for existing and newly opened enterprises, and for specialists in this field. After all, we are all connected with information technology, we are surrounded by technology, from computers to smartphones and printers. According to the results of the survey and analysis of Rosstat, every second business. Therefore, when promoting a business, entrepreneurs “pour” into the IT industry, they just need to develop a website, write a program, make up a magazine. According to analysts’ forecasts, the demand for professionals in the Russian segment of the IT market continues to grow.

The most in-demand professions in 2022
Marketers, market analysts and advertisers.
Marketers and advertisers help businessmen and entrepreneurs in the field of business promotion, for example, health care, finance, work. It is the marketing specialist who will develop a business promotion strategy, and the marketing analyst will study the current situation on the market, analyze the competitiveness of rivals, and the advertiser will work on advertising creativity necessary for promotion. Moreover, the demand for advanced marketers is growing at an incredible rate. According to analysts’ forecasts, in a couple of years marketers will be represented in every company in the same way as accountants and secretaries.

Teacher, doctor, psychologist
Representatives of the social field are needed at any time, because society has needs for them. We all studied at school, we all went to the doctor more than once. The demand for these specialties is growing.

Russia needs engineers for production in industries ranging from the automotive industry to metallurgy. Due to the development of IT technologies, the number of manufacturing corporations that need engineers is growing. With this, the demand for this profession is also associated. Analysts say that specialties related to work at the enterprise will be in the lead in the coming years. In the Russian Federation, there is a strong shortage of specialists with technical education in the field of communications and telecom, construction, electronics and electrical engineering, food and other areas.

What high-paying professions are in demand in the future?

List of demanded, promising, highly paid professions in Russia of the future:

Networking professional. Five hundred thousand people work by profession. On the Internet and social networks, we see communities, portals, formulas in which experts discuss this topic. This specialty is taught at the Faculty of PR or Advertising and Public Relations.

Urban ecologist. Competent in construction, energy and ecology. The need and popularity of this profession in the future is associated with the constant tightening of environmental standards in the world.

The most in-demand professions in 2022
Architect of living devices. This specialty is associated with the design and creation of closed-loop technologies involving microorganisms and genetically modified organisms. The architect of living devices is in demand in cities to calculate the power of biological reactors.

Medical robot operator. Analysts say that this profession is promising, because medical robots help surgeons in carrying out complex operations.

Considering the integration of the Russian Federation into the processes of the world, we think that by 2020 the list of official professions will be replenished with the latest names, which we do not know about today. Young specialists need to be attentive to the development of important professional skills and abilities. If you associate the future with remote earnings, check out the list of professions and choose an occupation to your liking. We hope that we were able to dispel all doubts about the impossibility of finding highly paid and in-demand professions in 2019. Everything is in your hands, act!

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