10 lessons from Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is one of the key figures in the IT field. This truly great entrepreneur can serve as a clear example for everyone of how to achieve unprecedented heights…

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Why Forex trading is more profitable than bank deposits
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How they work at Google (Moscow)
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10 lessons from Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is one of the key figures in the IT field. This truly great entrepreneur can serve as a clear example for everyone of how to achieve unprecedented heights…


Broiler farming as a business
Here are the main features of the project: Broilers are called meat breed of chickens, bred artificially. The requirements for their care and maintenance are different from those for ordinary…

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Epoxy resin is an unusual business idea

The first step is drawing up a business plan. It includes the following sections:

summary – analysis of the target audience, market and competitors, description of the project and its advantages, concepts and features;
organizational and production plan – search for premises, purchase of equipment, raw materials; business registration, hiring employees;
marketing plan – promotion and establishment of distribution channels;
financial plan – calculation of all business expenses, income planning;
risk analysis.
Market overview and competition analysis
First of all, you need to understand who your potential customers are. It depends on what kind of products you will produce and how you want to sell them.

When it comes to jewelry, the main target audience is women (young and middle-aged) who love to take care of themselves and choose beautiful and unusual things. Such products are bought not for functionality, but for aesthetic reasons, so it is important to define the buyer at the level of values. The same goes for small interior items and epoxy resin home furnishings.

They can be sold both offline and online – in online stores, through social networks, on specialized platforms for hand-made products.

Competition in this niche is considered average. There are competitors in large cities, but there the level of demand is much higher. In the regions, your enterprise may be the only one. In any case, it is important to think over the format and concept of the business, competitive advantages.

It is necessary to determine the pricing policy, distribution channels for products. You must clearly understand who your buyer is, where to find him and how to convince him to buy your products.

Pros of a business idea:

the ability to start with a small initial investment;
a large selection of areas for work;
scalability and expansion.

in some regions there may be low demand, and in megacities – a lot of competition;
the need for strict adherence to safety measures due to the release of tar vapors;
business is subject to crises;
experience and talent, a sense of taste are needed.
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Product range

When choosing an assortment, be guided by your preferences and skills, as well as the preferences of your potential consumers. Most often, women choose to make jewelry from epoxy resin, and men – on interior items.

resin jewelry
Epoxy resin jewelry looks unusual and original, so with proper marketing, you can count on big revenue. You can make earrings and bracelets, brooches and pendants, as well as rings. Such products are chosen by many modern women who follow fashion and appreciate their individuality.

resin jewelry

Epoxy resin tables as a business

The most popular type of furniture is epoxy resin tables with jellied tops. Thanks to the characteristics of this material, you can get a high-quality, durable and at the same time beautiful and unusual product.

The advantages of such furniture:

moisture resistance;
long service life while maintaining the original appearance of the product.
For manufacturing, you will need wood, rubber, special paint, as well as decorative elements.

But keep in mind that such furniture is expensive and not everyone can afford it. It can be positioned as elite and exclusive and sold in this price category – on its own or through salons.

Other products
epoxy resin jewelry

In addition to furniture and jewelry, you can produce the following types of products:

LED lamps and lamps;
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Workshop room

With limited financial resources, you can open a mini-production right at home and save on renting a room. But for the production of epoxy resin products on a larger scale, a workshop with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bat least 40 square meters is needed. meters (from 2. sq. meters per workplace of one person plus a warehouse, utility rooms, a rest room, a bathroom and a director’s office).

The room must have all the necessary communications – sewerage, plumbing, lighting, heating and ventilation systems. The hood must be installed at the table of each master.

The premises can be rented not only in industrial areas, but also in houses of culture and creativity, children’s centers. It is better to choose a workshop where you do not need to make serious repairs and invest large sums in the arrangement.

Equipment selection
The list of necessary equipment and tools depends on what exactly you plan to produce.

Selection of equipment for epoxy resin

Here is an approximate list for the manufacture of souvenirs and small interior items:

grinder machine;
milling cutter;
Silicone forms;
set of drills for jewelers;
tweezers and syringes;
means of protection against evaporation.
You will also need furniture – chairs, tables, shelves.

If we are talking about a small business, it’s really possible to work alone, and if you register as self-employed, you don’t have to keep accounts.

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10 lessons from Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is one of the key figures in the IT field. This truly great entrepreneur can serve as a clear example for everyone of how to achieve unprecedented heights…