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10 Apple Presentation Secrets

10 Apple Presentation Secrets
Apple is a brand that needs no introduction. They achieved a stunning success not only thanks to their quality products, but also their presentations.

After all, it is important not only to create something truly valuable, but also to be able to present it in such a way that everyone wants to own it. In this field, Apple simply has no equal.
Each slide should contain only one idea.
If you place several significant ideas on one slide, most likely, none of them will be remembered by the audience. Designate a separate slide for each idea. The same goes for numerical information. If you place several numerical values ​​​​on one slide, then they will be poorly perceived by the audience.

Make visual statistics

Any statistical data, and they are usually expressed in numbers and percentages, is best presented as visually and clearly as possible. For example, “20 million” will look much more impressive if you write “20,000,000”. And if each number is beautifully designed (for example, consists of the smallest copies of the company logo), then it will certainly be remembered by the audience.

Don’t use “points”
As practice shows, presentations made on the principle of “point by point” are the least effective. And Apple never uses paragraphs in their presentations. Such slides contain too many unnecessary words, and the audience is faced with a difficult task – to read and listen at the same time, which not everyone can handle. Accordingly, some important information remains lost.

Use multiple speakers

There are many companies where presentations are conducted by only one person. Apple, and in particular Tim Cook, who has held many presentations, has a different opinion: if you invite various company specialists to the microphone during the presentation, the whole event becomes livelier and more interesting.

Each speaker should speak no more than 10 minutes in a row
Don Medina of the University of Washington created the “10 Minute Rule” which states that one speaker cannot hold the audience’s attention after 10 minutes of speaking. Even if his story is very interesting and exciting, they will still get tired of listening to him and stop effectively perceiving the information provided. If the speech of one speaker involves a report that lasts more than 10 minutes, then after this time, take a short break in the presentation. If several speakers speak, then their speeches should be structured in such a way that each of them speaks no more than 10 minutes in a row.

Add emotion

People love outrageous. At least he always attracts attention. When an Apple vice president was presenting another product at a presentation, in response to a caustic remark from one of the listeners that the company was losing its innovation, he exclaimed: “Yes, how much more innovative, damn it!”. Such an emotional urge was perceived by the audience much more effectively than if he began to make standard arguments in favor of the innovative qualities of the product.

10 Apple Presentation Secrets
Use “Twitter Messages”
As you know, Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters. Learn to describe your product like you’re tweeting about it, which means it’s only 140 characters long and no more. This technique is one of the most effective – clear, simple and concise. It will always be remembered and cited. Quoting a few long sentences is quite difficult, but a few words about your product that most clearly reflects its concept is exactly what you need.

Spend a lot of time developing your presentation
It can take up to 200 hours of hard work to create the perfect half-hour presentation. It is necessary to develop a general plot of the presentation, text of speeches, slide design. Test the presentation for how it will be perceived by the audience and practice in a speech report. All this is necessary so that the final result exceeds all your expectations.

Don’t forget about those who worked to create the product
At the end of the presentation, it would be useful to thank all the team members who contributed to the creation of the presented product. Express your sincere recognition and respect to all who worked on this project. This attitude will always be valuable, and it will allow viewers and listeners to get even more into the idea of ​​the presentation.

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