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How to open a veterinary clinic

According to statistics, the majority of families in the Russian Federation (more than 60%) have pets. Pets are usually treated as full-fledged members of the family. When an animal gets sick, it needs to be treated – this is done in a veterinary clinic. Consider how to open such a clinic and how much you can earn.
How to open a veterinary clinic. Business pros and cons

The main advantages of the veterinary business:

High demand for the service.
Relevant for both metropolitan areas and small towns.
Demand does not depend on the season.
You can start with a small staff.

Requires a special license and a large package of documents.
Quite a large investment is required.
Long payback period, which can reach 3-5 years.

Starting such a business will take time to complete all the necessary documents, search for and repair premises, and purchase equipment and medicines. First of all, you will need a business plan for a veterinary clinic. It will help to assess business prospects, attract investors or partners.

Business plan for a veterinary clinic

Demand and competition analysis
The results of Russian polls show that 37% of people in our country have a cat, 30% have a dog. Much less often they give birth to fish, parrots, hamsters and other animals.

Analytical data suggests that in 2017 veterinary clinics in Russia treated 9 million animals, and in 2020 this figure has grown to 13 million.

The average figure, according to 2GIS, is 5 animal clinics per 100,000 population. But a lot depends on the region – for example, in Omsk and Krasnodar there are more veterinary clinics than the national average.

The most common reasons for applying to such institutions:

skin diseases;
diseases of the urinary system;
digestive disorders;
vascular and heart problems.
Before opening a clinic, analyze the situation in your region: who is already working in the market, what services they offer and at what prices, how much these services are in demand.

Search and repair of premises

The premises of the veterinary clinic are usually located in a residential area – rent is cheaper there. Good transport accessibility is essential.

Approximate area:

for a small clinic – from 50 sq. meters. There you can equip an observation deck and provide some additional services.
average clinic – from 75 sq. meters.
large – from 100 sq. meters. There is enough space for an office for surgical interventions, a hospital, an x-ray, a laboratory, a therapy room, a reception room, a toilet, an intern’s room. Usually the premises are divided by partitions into different zones.
The size of the clinic and the list of services are determined based on market analysis.

SES requirements for veterinary clinics:

distance to the nearest residential buildings from 100 meters;
if you plan to sell medicines, you need an equipped warehouse;
finishing with tiles or other materials that are completely cleaned during wet cleaning
Read also about other promising ways to earn money.

Purchase of equipment and tools
Purchase of equipment and tools

The list of equipment depends on the list of services. Here is an example list:

For the receptionist:

Examination veterinary table.
Treatment table.
Germicidal lamp and lamp.
Washbasin and furniture (table, chairs).
For the treatment room: medicine cabinet, examination table.
For the staff room: tables, chairs, sofa, wardrobe, hanger, TV, computer.

For the operating room: operating and treatment tables, surgical lamp, autoclave, glass cabinet, washbasin, shelving.

You may also need an oxygenation chamber, ventilators and magnetic laser therapy, an electrocoagulator, a vital signs monitor, a cautery, a bactericidal lamp.

There is a separate list of equipment for the laboratory, ultrasound room and X-ray room.

You will also need a staff uniform, medicines and consumables (boot covers, rubber gloves, etc.), stationery.

Buying vet funds

You will need to buy medicines, as well as care products, animal treatment products, and special food for the hospital.

An exact list will be compiled by a veterinarian. The purchase will take from 100,000 rubles.

Typically, a clinic is registered as an LLC or individual entrepreneur. Submit documents to the local tax authority. You will need an application, a copy of the owner’s passport, a receipt for payment of the state duty. An LLC also needs a charter, a decision of the founders / minutes of the general meeting, a letter on the provision of a legal address.

The main OKVED code is 75.0 “Veterinary activities”. After registration, open a bank account, apply for the transition to the simplified tax system, register with the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the social insurance fund

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